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Moment Crucial pour la Libye

Par Hichem Karoui| ChinAfrique: VOL. 8 septembre 2016 Un ordre mafieux s’appuyant sur une idéologie totalitaire menace l’Afrique du Nord et le Sahel. Au sein de cet ordre, la Libye constitue une pièce maîtresse. Les pays touchés par la gangrène terroriste à différents degrés, sont (en plus de la Libye), […]


The Middle Eastern Matryoshka

Fighting terrorism and safeguarding oil security remain Russia’s priority in the region By Hichem Karoui | BEIJING REVIEW | NO. 23 JUNE 9, 2016 “Putin and the Kremlin have made it clear that they seek to restore Russia as a great power. Indeed, they have sought to project the image of […]

NO. 23 JUNE 9, 2016

A Pivotal Moment

Who are the winners and losers of the United States’ rebalanced foreign policy? Beijing Review| NO. 19 MAY 12, 2016 By Hichem Karoui   The cornerstone and legacy of U.S. President Barack Obama’s foreign policy was embodied through the declaration of a “pivot” to Asia five years ago. In a […]


Can You Really Trust Your Ally?

Fractured U.S.-Saudi relationship exposes divergences By Hichem Karoui | Beijing Review | NO.17, APRIL 28, 2016   As U.S. President Barack Obama visited Saudi Arabia, intending to mend relations exhausted by his criticism of the Middle East major power, a controversy erupted about the credibility of the U.S.-Saudi alliance. The controversy […]

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Forthcoming: The Morning Of The Mogul

A wise report to a wise minister by a wise citizen of Woe republic Copyright © 2016 Hichem Karoui All rights reserved. KRPC. Paris. 2016. ISBN-13: 979-1094237106 Pages: 666.   Synopsis This is the story of two successive military coups in an Arab country. The first is accomplished by a […]


Meeting With China

Foreword of “Chatting With My Chinese Friend”   The stories included in this book were born from a meeting and a necessity. The meeting was with China, which I visited for the first time in June 2014. It was one of those meetings that leave an impact on one’s life and not […]



Is Peace Within Reach?

Syrian ceasefire goes into effect with American, Russian support By Hichem Karoui | Beijing Review. NO.10 MARCH 10, 2016   There is no question that peace is much desired by the citizens of Syria, as it would be for any people suffering through a more than five-year long civil war. But […]