The Political Algebra of Global Value Change

General Models and Implications for the Muslim World. Arno Tausch, Almas Heshmati and Hichem Karoui (Nova Science Publishers, New York)

Book Review

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Society and Economy – Reviewed by Andräs Tetenyi, Assistant Professor, Corvinus University of Budapest.



Table of Contents:
About this Book
pp. vii-x

Biography of Authors
pp. xi-xii

Executive Summary
pp. 1-34

Chapter 1
pp. 35-80

Chapter 2
The Methodology of this Project
pp. 81-102

Chapter 3
The Dark Side of Economics: Why It Is Good to Analyze World Values Survey Data on the Shadow Economy and Why Corruption Is a Development Impediment
pp. 103-138

Chapter 4
The Sociological and Psychological Theories of Global Values
pp. 139-186

Chapter 5
Towards a New Political Geography of Human Values
pp. 187-266

Chapter 6
The Global Analysis of Feminism and Its Regional Implications for the Muslim World: Voices from Quantitative Social Science and from a Religious Muslim Viewpoint
pp. 267-296

Chapter 7
Human Values and the “Arab Spring”
pp. 297-316

Chapter 8
Islamic Values, Knowledge and Morals
pp. 317-330

Chapter 9
Gretchen, Permissiveness and Economic Growth
pp. 331-342

Chapter 10
The Implosion of “Self-expression” in the West and Further Doubts about the Correctness of Inglehart’s Theory in the Light of the New Direct Measurements of Self-expression Values from the World Values Survey, 2010-2014
pp. 343-366

Chapter 11
What the Importance Given to God by Humans Does to Society
(The Way Society Benefits from the Belief in God)
pp. 367-388

Chapter 12
Hofstede, Schwartz, Inglehart and the Future of World Development
pp. 389-442

Chapter 13
64 Themes for Student and Course Participants’ Essays
pp. 443-444

Literature and Suggested Further Readings
pp. 445-492

pp. 493-520

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