A Pivotal Moment

Who are the winners and losers of the United States’ rebalanced foreign policy? Beijing Review| NO. 19 MAY 12, 2016 By Hichem Karoui   The cornerstone and legacy of U.S. President Barack Obama’s foreign policy was embodied through the declaration of a “pivot” to Asia five years ago. In a […]


Can You Really Trust Your Ally?

Fractured U.S.-Saudi relationship exposes divergences By Hichem Karoui | Beijing Review | NO.17, APRIL 28, 2016   As U.S. President Barack Obama visited Saudi Arabia, intending to mend relations exhausted by his criticism of the Middle East major power, a controversy erupted about the credibility of the U.S.-Saudi alliance. The controversy […]


Forthcoming: The Morning Of The Mogul

A wise report to a wise minister by a wise citizen of Woe republic Copyright © 2016 Hichem Karoui All rights reserved. KRPC. Paris. 2016. ISBN-13: 979-1094237106 Pages: 666.   Synopsis This is the story of two successive military coups in an Arab country. The first is accomplished by a […]

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Meeting With China

Foreword of “Chatting With My Chinese Friend”   The stories included in this book were born from a meeting and a necessity. The meeting was with China, which I visited for the first time in June 2014. It was one of those meetings that leave an impact on one’s life and not […]


Is Peace Within Reach?

Syrian ceasefire goes into effect with American, Russian support By Hichem Karoui | Beijing Review. NO.10 MARCH 10, 2016   There is no question that peace is much desired by the citizens of Syria, as it would be for any people suffering through a more than five-year long civil war. But […]


The Royal Jordanian Armed Forces Band performs during the Second China-Arab States Expo in Yinchuan, northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, on September 10, 2015 (XINHUA)

A Clearer Role in the Middle East

China lays out its vision for increased cooperation in the region By Hichem Karoui | Beijing Review NO. 5-6 FEBRUARY 4, 2016   On January 13, China published its first Arab policy paper, reaffirming the strategic significance that it attaches to the region. The release of this important document and […]


Tensions alarmantes entre l’Arabie saoudite et l’Iran

Hichem Karoui (Version française d’un article paru dans Beijing Review en anglais:2016-01-08)   C’est par un concours de circonstances étrange qu’Adel Al-Jubeir, le ministre saoudien des Affaires étrangères, a déclaré la rupture des relations diplomatiques avec l’Iran le 3 janvier. En effet, alors qu’il était ambassadeur d’Arabie saoudite à Washington, […]

Manifestation en Iran

Ominous Saudi-Iran Tensions

Diplomatic confrontation between two regional powers puts the Middle East at risk of greater chaos By Hichem Karoui |  Beijing Review | NO. 2 JANUARY 14, 2016 It was through a strange twist of fate that Adel Al-Jubeir, Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs, declared the severing of his country’s diplomatic ties […]