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Post-Saleh’s Yemen

Hichem Karoui   The Gulf Today, February 18, 2012 Are the events unfolding in Post-Ali Abdullah Saleh’s Yemen bearing an ominous or an auspicious significance? Is the country, without Saleh, going to be a better or a worse place? In other words, will the Yemeni revolution reach its objectives? These questions, among […]


Egyptian soldiers stand guard in front of the U.S. NGO National Democratic

Egypt-US: one year after

Hichem Karoui The Gulf Today, February 11, 2012 As Egypt celebrates the first anniversary of its revolution, the relationship with the USA is at one of its lowest moments. Tension between the two countries has escalated after Egyptian investigators filed criminal charges against 43 foreign and local activists, including 19 […]


Russia: backing losers

Hichem Karoui The Gulf Today, February 04, 2012 Russia showed contempt for the entire Arab world, not only because it chose willingly to support an Arab regime involved in crimes against humanity, but also because it literally spat on the Arab League’s initiative, which — despite its shortcomings — is still an […]


A word written is a word feared

Aysha Taryam The Gulf Today, February 05, 2012 As a writer I dream of a world where words are not imprisoned, a world where all forms of literature are celebrated not mourned. Yet for every book festival held somewhere in the world there is a book burning being planned. Words […]


Old issues for new rulers

Hichem Karoui  The Gulf Today, January 28, 2012 When one consults the most recent researches preceding the revolution, one would find a prevailing opinion saying that Egypt confronts simultaneously the challenges of economic and political structural adjustment in this century. While it is true that no study, as far as I […]