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Closer China-Saudi Arabia Ties: All eyes on Saudi King Salman’s China visit in anticipation of major agreements ( March 2017)

The Fallout from the Iran Nuclear Deal: Will the United States recalibrate its policy toward Iran? ( NO. 9 MARCH 2, 2017)

A Mad Lone Wolf? The attack in Nice again rings alarm bells for all (NO. 30 JULY 28, 2016)

The Middle Eastern Matryoshka: Fighting terrorism and safeguarding oil security remain Russia’s priority in the region – NO. 23 JUNE 9, 2016.

A Pivotal Moment: Who are the winners and losers of the United States’ rebalanced foreign policy? NO. 19 MAY 12, 2016

Can You Really Trust Your Ally? Fractured U.S.-Saudi relationship exposes divergences – NO.17, APRIL 28, 2016.

Is Peace Within Reach? Syrian ceasefire goes into effect with American, Russian support – NO.10 MARCH 10, 2016.

Tensions alarmantes entre l’Arabie saoudite et l’Iran – 2016-01-08.

Ominous Saudi-Iran Tensions: Diplomatic confrontation between two regional powers puts the Middle East at risk of greater chaos – NO. 2 JANUARY 14, 2016.

A Story of Tension: The downing of a Russian fighter plane sets off a number of chain reactions – NO. 50 DECEMBER 10, 2015.



Chine-Tunisie : quel partenariat ?VOL.8 octobre 2016.

Moment crucial pour la Libye: VOL. 8 septembre 2016.