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What Every Political Leader in America and the West Should Know About the Arab-Islamic World Hichem Karoui Social Science Research Network (SSRN)  


The French Paradox: Assessing Social and Political Landscape Changes in France Hichem Karoui World Security Network (WSN)-SSRN  


Money and Terror: is there an end to American addiction to oil? Hichem Karoui SSRN 2007
Global Trends in Gulf and Middle East Population Evolution Hichem Karoui WSN-SSRN 2006
Oil and Security in the 21st Century Hichem Karoui SSRN 2006
The True Debate About Energy:


Hichem Karoui WSN-SSRN 2006
Has 9/11 Introduced a Paradigmatic Shift in the Social Sciences’ Approach to Islam and the West? Hichem Karoui  




Islamism and U.S. Foreign Policy Hichem Karoui SSRN 2006
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